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We provide Solution to benefit every stakeholder in the health care industry

Our Products

MedEngage® Patient Engagement

Intelligent patient relationship management software to manage all your patient communication.

Strong analytics provide actionable insight
Clinical intelligence engine with risk flagging
Structured patient engagement calling script

MedEngage® Feedback

Real-time feedback and grievance redressal with automatic escalation to address and resolve all your patient request and complaint.

Real time analytics dashboard
Automated multi-level escalation as per hospital policy
Intelligent Department based QR Code integration

MedEngage® Consent

Easy to use paperless consent for hospitals. Get reliable digital consent from your patients from anywhere.

Easy to collect and store with cloud storage
Secured with two-factor authentication (biometric optional)
Video and e-signature based consent form

MedEngage® Lead Management

A Single tool to convert all your inbound leads to
your loyal customers.

Capture all your online and offline lead at one place
Keep track of all conversation with your lead
Use campaign analytics to identify the best performing source

We Believe In Smarter Patient Management And Connected Patient Experience

Leverage the best patient experience platform

Identify actionable insight from your patient feedback and follow-up. Drive patient experience with better clinical outcome, improved efficiency, profitability and more.

Understand your patients better than anyone else

Our platform is simple and easy to use. Have a better understanding of your patients need with tailored reporting, customisable features and root cause analysis.

Natural language processing
and AI

MedEngage® platform is powered with modern technology like AI and NLP to provide you with the most powerful and accurate patient relationship tool.

Patient Data Security

We always protect your patient data as per EHR Standards of India and HIPAA, USA

Server Security

  • Encrypted algorithm
  • 24/7 Data availability

User Access

  • 2-way authentication (Log-in & OTP)
  • User-specific information control

Audit Log

  • Who logged, when and where
  • What entry was made


  • EHR Standards of India
  • HIPPA Standards

Legally Secure

  • By contract
  • Liability clause

Data Privacy

  • Identifiable patient data is never disclosed

“We Believe In Smarter Patient Management And Connected Patient experience”

Let us show you how patient relationship management helps you in improving patient outcomes and build a profitable practice.

Benefits of keeping your patients happy and engaged

About Healtho5

Negative patient experience cost healthcare providers millions of dollars every year. Bad patient experience not only reduces the revenue but also results in decreased patients turnover, limited referrals, and losses in reimbursement.

Healtho5 solutions help you stay connected with your patients both within and out of the care facility. We use modern technologies like AI and machine learning to provide you actionable insight on your patient feedback and follow-up.

We believe in keeping the hospital operations simple and effective. We go beyond the numbers by analyzing and automating every touch point with your patients. MedEngage® not only keeps your patient happy but also reduces your staff burnout.

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