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We provide Solution to benefit every stakeholder in the health care industry

Patient Data Security

We always protect your patient data as per EHR Standards of India and HIPAA, USA

Server Security

  • Encrypted algorithm
  • 24/7 Data availability

User Access

  • 2-way authentication (Log-in & OTP)
  • User-specific information control

Audit Log

  • Who logged, when and where
  • What entry was made


  • EHR Standards of India
  • HIPPA Standards

Legally Secure

  • By contract
  • Liability clause

Data Privacy

  • Identifiable patient data is never disclosed
Technology helps in providing connected health tools

Let us show you how patient engagement can help your practice

Benefits of Patient Engagement

various benefits of patient engagement

We Cover the entire medical journey of the Patient

We are a team of medical, paramedical and software professionals working to bring Hospitals closer to patients and care-seekers.

Every day hundreds of people struggle for guidance, support, and information during and after treatment. MedEngage helps you deliver all of it with just one click.

We develop exclusively tailored patient engagement protocol according to patients need and your specifications. The care plan is developed by industry experts according to the clinical guidelines and is delivered by trained nurses.

With Medengage™ platform hospitals can perform disease-specific predictive analysis on patients health record, create personalized care plans and engage patients in taking care of their own health.

Healtho5 Solutions combines your specific care goals with modern technology to produce a unique patient experience, building trust and leaving a long-lasting impression.

use of medengage crm with message automation via email, SMS, apps


mistakes in patient feedback

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Aug,07 2018
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How Do You Define Patient Engagement?

Jul,16 2018
from March 2016 includes survey among 340 healthcare leaders on patient engagement. The first NEJM Catalyst Insights Report from March 2016 includes survey among 340 healthcare leaders on patient engagement.

Seven Important Patient Engagement Statistics

Jul,16 2018
  Patient engagement is a very effective tool to improve quality of care and service for Hospitals as well as better health outcomes for patients, as many studies and reports have shown.   Here are 7 important statistics on how patient engagement can improve healthcare Facilitating ongoing communication between patients and physicians through apps and […]

What Is Patient Engagement in Healthcare And Why Is It Important?

Jul,13 2018
  This post is an attempt to clear your understanding of what patient engagement is and why is it very important in present healthcare scenario Patient engagement is a buzzword used by every healthcare provider but everybody has a different understanding of it and if you are wondering what patient engagement really means and how […]