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About Us

Our Vision

To leverage technology in educating and empowering patients into taking control of their Health. We believe in population wide health delivery approach focused on individual intervention

Our Mission

  • To generate nationwide patient health record database
  • To convert big data of healthcare into actionable insight
  • To provide disease specific predictive analysis with the use of machine learning and AI
  • To reduce burden on healthcare provider
  • To build support groups for chronic disease patients

With MedEngage® platform hospitals can perform disease-specific predictive analysis on patients health record, create personalized care plans and engage patients in taking care of their own health. Healtho5 Solutions combines your specific care goals with modern technology to produce unique patient experience, building trust and leaving a long-lasting impression.

We develop exclusively tailored patient engagement protocol according to patients need and your specifications. The care plan is developed by industry experts according to the clinical guidelines and is delivered by trained nurses.

Our Team

Kousik Rajendran


Neelesh Bhandari


Venky Vaddineni