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Patient-provider communication

Effective Patient- Provider Communication – A key to success for your practice

Nov,12 2018
Quality service delivery is the key to success for any consumer based service provider and communication with the user plays a vital role. This holds true for hospitals and healthcare services as well. Effective patient-provider communication is essential for any practice to succeed. Most important member of any health care system is the patient. Healthcare […]
strategy to improve patient experience in your hospital

How To Use Patient Satisfaction Survey In Improving Patient Experience At Your Hospital

Oct,10 2018
Patient surveys and feedback collection is one of the most resourceful but unfortunately, the least utilized tool in the healthcare industry. Healthcare professional find its difficult to appropriately use patient feedback in improving the patient experience. Understanding the dilemma of hospital professionals, we planned on writing a short blog on how patient satisfaction can be […]

Six Quick Steps for Dealing with Unhappy Patients

Sep,11 2018
    If you have ever been to the hospital, It is unlikely that you have not seen an unhappy patient or his family complaining about something or someone at the hospital. If you are working in the hospital, these incidents are common in your day to day work life. Keeping patients happy and satisfied […]

Patient Satisfaction-What healthcare industry can learn from e-retail industry?

Aug,20 2018
‘Patient satisfaction’ is a measure to identify how happy patients are with the services provided to them by the clinical and non-clinical staff of the hospital. Patient satisfaction plays a crucial role in retaining existing patients as well as, getting new referrals. Patients who are highly satisfied with the services of a hospital tend to […]
mistakes in patient feedback

7 mistakes you are making in collecting patient feedback

Aug,07 2018
With changes in health care trends, the importance of patients opinion has increased in a substantial way. Most of the hospitals are working towards understanding what their patients need and want to serve them exactly what they want. The most effective tool to understand your patients’ requirements is collecting patient feedback from your patients. This […]

How Do You Define Patient Engagement?

Jul,16 2018
from March 2016 includes survey among 340 healthcare leaders on patient engagement. The first NEJM Catalyst Insights Report from March 2016 includes survey among 340 healthcare leaders on patient engagement.

Seven Important Patient Engagement Statistics

Jul,16 2018
  Patient engagement is a very effective tool to improve quality of care and service for Hospitals as well as better health outcomes for patients, as many studies and reports have shown.   Here are 7 important statistics on how patient engagement can improve healthcare Facilitating ongoing communication between patients and physicians through apps and […]

What Is Patient Engagement in Healthcare And Why Is It Important?

Jul,13 2018
  This post is an attempt to clear your understanding of what patient engagement is and why is it very important in present healthcare scenario Patient engagement is a buzzword used by every healthcare provider but everybody has a different understanding of it and if you are wondering what patient engagement really means and how […]