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Digital Check-In - Revolutionary method to reduce patient waiting time and no-show in hospitals

21 Jun 2019 | by Dr. Surabhi Bhati

Managing a thriving medical practice requires carefully designed workflows, keen eye to identify existing loopholes and solutions to fill that gap. It is no secret that healthcare technology is playing a major role in smoothly managing hospitals operations. One such tool tackling the problem of long wait time at the reception and no show after appointment booking is “Digital Check-In Kiosk”. Digital check-in surpasses the need of staff members completing the initial registration process of the patients visiting the hospital for the first time.

The digital check-in feature allows patients to fill in and submit the registration form on their own both at the premises or before visiting the hospital. Hospitals are keen on adopting technologies which improve patient experience and reduces unnecessary burden on the staff. The digital check-in allows hospitals to provide registration process within the hospital and out of the facility via SMS link or email.

Apart from various other benefits, digital check-in fixes two major issues faced by hospital front desk staff namely,

  • Waiting time at the reception during rush hours
  • No-show after taking the appointments

Here are the few reasons on why you should invest in digital check in at your care facility?

Digital check-in or self-registration process helps in freeing up the time of front desk staff to attend to more pressing issues and provide comfort to the patients to fill, check and submit specific details such as insurance details, personal information, etc.

1) Boost Staff Efficiency: It is no secret that hospital front staff like any hospital employee is usually overworked. They juggle with multiple tasks at the same time where they are doing manual registration, answering patients queries and day to day tasks like billing, managing phones, etc. The self-registration capability of digital check-in not only speeds up the registration process but also saves time for both patients and the front desk staff. It allows hospital staff to provide adequate attention to patients in immediate need.

2) Prevent Errors: The usual registration process in the hospital is something like this, patient manually completes the paper-based registration form, hand it over to the front desk who will then enter the information into the electronic system. This process requires entry at two levels first, by the patient on the paper form and second, by the hospital staff from paper to the electronic media.

These multiple levels of entries are time-consuming and prone to human errors. In electronic check-in, these errors can be easily avoided.

Features like verification before submitting the registration form, not submitting partially filled forms, an automated error message on misfiled information helps in avoiding such common mistakes while completing the forms.

3) Improves Patient Experience: Online registration gives patients the flexibility to do pre-registration before their hospital visit. This can be achieved by sending a registration link via SMS or email to the patients.

Most of the time, the patient never visit the facility even after taking the appointment. Digital check-ins reduce no show and help hospitals in filling up the no-show appointments with walk-in or other substitutes. It not only helps patients by giving the freedom to fill in the information at home pre consultation but also helps the hospital in confirming the appointment beforehand.

4) Reduces Cost and Time: The traditional approach of the registration process is tedious and time-consuming. The front desk staff spends most of their working hours into copying patient information from paper registration form into the electronic system. Use of digital registration process speeds up the hospital intake process and reduces hospital expenditure on paper. The self-registration process reduces the burden from your office staff and gives them space to cater to patients needing immediate attention.

5) Provide Secure Access to Patient Information: Use of health technology and current healthcare policies require secure management of personal information of the patients. The digital check-in providers have all the security certification and comply with regulations like HIPPA and EHR standards of the region. Digital check-in securely store your patient information and make it easy to share information with other providers as per the existing policies.

Digital check-in is the future of patient intake. It makes the patient intake efficient for the hospital as well as improve the patient experience by providing comfort and information security to your patients.

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About the Author: Dr Surabhi Bhati is Marketing Manager at Healtho5 Solutions. She has a medical degree with an MBA in Health Information Technology (HIT). She is passionate about healthcare innovation, writing, and online marketing.