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Medengage® Consent
“Inform – Educate – Collect”
“Easy to use paperless consent form for hospitals”

It is legally mandated in India to obtain written, informed consent from the patient before any medical procedure. The objective of obtaining the consent is to make the patient aware of the procedure, risk associated and possible outcome of the medical procedure.

With the above requirement, it is essential that the consent follows certain requirements like, easy to grasp non-medical terminology, written in local language along with English and Hindi, multimedia enhanced and easy to understand by the patients and caretakers.

Keeping all the concerns in mind we at Healtho5 Solutions is coming up with MedEngage® Consent- Simple way to collect consent from all your patients digitally.

Features of MedEngage® Consent

  • Video and e-signature based consent form
  • Secured with two-factor authentication (biometric optional)
  • Authentic and reliable documentation
  • Easy to collect and store with cloud storage
  • Secured as per the guidelines by HIPAA

Benefits of MedEngage® Consent

  • Avoid inappropriate documentation
  • Reduce risk of missing forms
  • Improve operational efficiency of consent collection
  • Avoid frivolous litigation

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