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MedEngage® Lead Management

MedEngage® Lead Management

“Single tool to convert all your inbound leads to your loyal patients”


All your offline and online leads with MedEngage® Lead Management


Capture all your leads from multiple sources into a single platform with MedEngage® Lead Management. Automatically collects leads from your facebook ad campaign, website contact form, existing IVR, front office phone, external sites such as Practo, Lybrate or others.


Never lose an opportunity to connect to your leads. MedEngage® Lead Management software helps you in identifying active, high-qualified leads with automatic lead scoring feature and automate your lead nurturing process with relevant and personalised content via text, email or call.


MedEngage® Lead Management automates your marketing efforts by seamlessly integrating into your existing practice management software. Once the lead has booked an appointment it automatically reflects in your hospital software as a patient.

Features of MedEngage® Lead Management

How MedEngage® Lead Management work

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