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How MedEngage® Raised Google Reviews by 44.7% in 4 months

How MedEngage® Raised Google Reviews by 44.7% in 4 months


Online reviews and ratings have evolved as the “word-of-mouth” of the digital world. Many studies agree that they are the media most able to influence consumer behaviour and the most often used to obtain information before, during, and after consuming a given product or service (1). Research shows that 91 per cent of people regularly or occasionally read online reviews, and 84 per cent trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. One in every 20 searches online is related to health (2). People often search for Hospitals and doctors online before booking appointments. A recent review showed that, although literature about the topic is limited, several studies establish a relation between online ratings and quality of health care (3). Feedback from patients is an established yardstick for healthcare quality improvement plans (4). By default, Google review & rating has become the most visited source by people for judging quality before availing any healthcare service.

Google reviews and ratings have become an important source of trust for patients searching for hospitals and laboratories online. We at Healtho5 Solutions conducted a study to understand if MedEngage® patient relationship management platform can be used to increase positive ratings for our clients.

About MedEngage®:

MedEngage® is a comprehensive patient relationship management platform with modules for Feedback, Followup, Lead management, Appointments, etc.. Our MedEngage® Feedback modules lets our client hospitals collect Patient feedback in real-time, with automatic escalation and task management for any patient complaint.

One unique feature of MedEngage® Feedback is the real-time analysis of satisfaction rates and redirecting patients giving feedback to the respective hospital’s google review page. We did a study on how MedEngage® has succeeded in improving the total number of Google reviews and also the average rating for our client hospitals.

The Data:

We analysed the Google review for four hospitals and three diagnostic centres from Mumbai, Chennai and Bengaluru who have opted for Google Reviews redirection feature of MedEngage® Feedback. The average duration of deployment was four months. Following deployment, online Google reviews for all our clients shot up to 44.7% collectively. Out of total google reviews collected post-deployment via MedEngage® redirect feature 81% was a highly favourable 4-5 star rating.

(Table 1: Increase in overall google reviews and positive rating with MedEngage® Feedback)


The Analysis: 

(Graph 1: 44.7% Increase in Google Reviews after deployment) 

(Graph 2: 81% of new reviews were positive after deployment)

Hospital 1 a 300 bedded hospital in Mumbai collected 412 reviews in the last six years before using MedEngage® feedback to manage their patient feedback and issues. Post three months, use of MedEngage® Feedback, the hospital has increased its online google reviews by 39% to a total of 572 reviews. Out of 160 google reviews given post-MedEngage® deployment, 78% (125 reviews) are  4-5 star rating.

A Chennai based renowned maternity-care hospital (Hospital-2) had stagnant google reviews for four years before they started MedEngage® Feedback in February 2019. In the last five months, they have increased their google review by 60% (from 52 to 83). Furthermore, 87% of the new online reviews after deployment was Positive (4-5 star). 

Another Chennai based hospital (Hospital 3) has shown a staggering 168% increase in online google reviews within five months of using MedEngage® Feedback. Out of which 91% of the reviews were 4 to 5 stars.

A 450 bedded Mumbai based hospital (shown as Hospital 4) have installed MedEngage® Feedback only one month back. They have seen a 33% increase in Google reviews, 93% of which are 4-5 star ratings.

Apart from hospitals, MedEngage® Feedback also serves three branches of a diagnostic centre in the heart of Bangalore (shown in table and graph as Laboratory 1, 2, 3). The laboratories started using our feedback four months back and have increased their total number of reviews by 68%, 16% and 149% respectively. The number of positive reviews among new reviews were 78%, 76%, 69% respectively.

The Conclusion: Benefits of MedEngage® Feedback:

In conclusion, our study has shown that proactively managing patient feedback results in improved google reviews and overall rating of the hospital. 

We provide MedEngage® Feedback via multiple modes such as via tablet, QR code and text SMS. We have seen exponential improvement in online-rating for hospitals who are collecting feedback via tablet or kiosk. Moreover, hospitals having a streamlined system and a dedicated team to manage patient issues were able to improve their google rating at a much higher rate.

This case study conclusively proves that MedEngage® Feedback system is easy to deploy and quickly increases the total number of Google reviews and results in a sharp increase in positive reviews by satisfied patients who were otherwise not able to provide their feedback and positive reviews.


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