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Patient engagement solution for cardiology

Our cardiac patient engagement protocol is an effective way to motivate heart disease patients in taking care of their own health.

We actively help patients to better understand and manage their health conditions by providing tailored on-call nursing support, recording each interaction to understand the risk factors and educating patients to accomplish the healthy outcome. We monitor individual patients health with the help of our MedEngage® to prevent undesirable complications and help people live longer healthier lives.

  • 24/7 On-call nursing support in preferred language
  • Disease-specific personalized care plan
  • Risk assessment, monitoring, and complication prediction
  • Personalised SMS, email and WhatsApp content
  • Condition-specific education material
  • Patient education and support group activities

We understand- We support- We commit

We work with physicians and their patients who suffered from cardiac arrest, heart attack, coronary artery disease(CAD), angina, hypertension and other heart conditions in providing education and skills development towards improved health thereby reducing hospital stay and cost associated with it.

Our care team helps in monitoring and modifying risk factors and lifestyle behaviors such as diet, exercise and more via continuous engagement.

We are here to make your transition into normal life smooth and worry-free