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Patient engagement solution for neurology

With the increase in life expectancy and social- lifestyle changes, incidences of neurological disorder are on the rise. These disorders require constant support and monitoring to prevent further complications. Most of the time patients are unaware of how to take care and modify their lifestyle to cope up with the situation.

Our care staff helps patients with neurological disorder by providing disease-specific knowledge, continuous monitoring of symptoms, drug adherence, lifestyle and dietary modification. We do it by providing:

  • 24/7 On-call nursing support in preferred language
  • Disease-specific personalized care plan
  • Risk assessment, monitoring, and complication prediction
  • Personalised SMS, email and WhatsApp content
  • Condition-specific education material
  • Patient education and support group activities

We understand- we support- we commit

Several neurological diseases don’t have any curative treatment available and only way to improve quality of life is through symptom management. Patients usually lack information regarding symptom management and disease progression and also face social stigma and negligence. Neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis and epilepsy etc. require lifetime monitoring and cause huge stress not only to the patient but also to their family and friends. It requires constant support and guidance to help patients to come to terms with their condition.

Our care staff not only monitor patients symptoms but also empower them by providing psychological support along with helping them in taking care of their symptoms in daily life. Our disease-specific protocols are patient-centric and provide holistic care.

We are always here for you