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In traditional Patient communication

  • 50-60% information provided by healthcare practitioner is forgotten within 24hrs of discharge.
  • Half of the information is remembered incorrectly
  • Too much information at discharge leads to lower retention

How MedEngage® solve the problem?

  • By providing structured disease-specific pre-scripted content
  • Integrated phone, SMS, mobile and email features
  • Provide complete transparency and improves efficiency of calling staff
  • Records patient-reported outcome and flag high-risk patients with machine learning enabled platform

Our Products

without nursing support
MedEngage® PLUS
Provides MedEngage® platform with our in-house on-call nursing support

MedEngage® as a platform

  • Ideal if you have in-house calling staff.
  • Use our MedEngage® service to bring transparency and improve efficiency of your call staff

MedEngage® Plus as a service

  • Think that call staff is a burden to your existing system?
  • Need not to worry – we are here to engage your patients with in-house nursing support at a minimum cost.

* Pay only for the minutes consumed – no additional charges

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How MedEngage® patient engagement solution helps you?

  • Comprehensive digital communication platform
  • Customisable disease-specific protocols
  • Allows to capture detailed patient data
  • Business/ Clinical intelligence dashboard
  • Intelligent alerts of high-risk patient
  • Allows on-call registration and appointment booking
  • Role-based access for all users
  • Seamless integration with existing system

How MedEngage® works

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