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MedEngageⓇ Appointment

MedEngageⓇ Appointment

“One plug-in for all your appointments” Book – Track – Improve

  • Two missed patient appointments a day causes $ 21,60,000 loss in revenue per year for the hospital
  • Research suggests 42% of young patients prefer online appointment booking over traditional system of booking.

Book more appointments, get paid on time and manage your front desk seamlessly with MedEngage® Appointment .

Online scheduling software that fits your need

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does MedEngage® Appointment work? How will my patients book an appointment?

    Ans – MedEngage® Appointment is an AI-based, user-friendly, interactive chatbot that will pop on your website. The process is just like booking an appointment by calling the receptionist at the hospital, only that it is like a virtual receptionist. A virtual assistant will ask some basic questions like preferred doctor, date, time and minimum personal details to book the appointment. The booking feature is also available on MedEngage® Appointment App.

  2. Do I need a website for an online appointment?

    Ans –It is not mandatory to have a website, but if you have a website, your patients can book appointments by clicking on the website’s embedded button that will pop up an interactive chatbot for booking.

  3. How do I put MedEngage® Appointment on my website?

    Ans – Our development team will help and guide you in putting up MedEngage® Appointment widget on your hospital’s website.

  4. Can I integrate MedEngage® Appointment into my existing website and social media sites?

    Ans – Yes, you can integrate MedEngage® Appointment into your existing website and on different social media pages like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc from where your patients can book appointments.

  5. Is MedEngage® Appointment compatible with other software like – practo/justdial etc?

    Ans – With your consent MedEngage® Appointment can be integrated with other software you might be using like practo, justdial etc.

  6. Can I sync MedEngage® Appointment with the calendar I use?

    Ans – Yes, of course, we can sync your online and offline appointment bookings with the calendar you use such as Google, Rediff, Yahoo etc.

  7. Apart from the website, how can I let my patients book appointments?

    Ans – Apart from an embedded website link your patients can also download responsive MedEngage® Appointment App in mobile to book appointments anytime, anywhere.

  8. Do MedEngage® Appointment offer group bookings?

    Ans – Yes, your patient will be able to book an appointment for themselves or on behalf of other friends and family members. When needed, we also provide bulk appointment booking in cases like corporate health check-ups, family check-ups etc.

  9. Will I be able to send an appointment reminder to my patients?

    Ans –Yes, you will be able to customise the appointment reminder time. The default setting of sending appointment reminder is one day before the appointment and early morning on the day of the appointment. You can also customise timing and content of the reminder.

  10. Do my clients have to call the hospital/clinic to cancel or reschedule appointments?

    Ans – Not necessarily. Your patients may call you for clarifying their doubts but need not have to call you for rescheduling or cancelling appointments. That can be easily done by them from the source of their booking.

  11. Can I still schedule customers who call to book an appointment?

    Ans – Yes, MedEngage® Appointment is built smart enough to handle and manage appointments offline and online.

  12. Can I limit how far ahead patients can book?

  13. Ans – MedEngage® Appointment is highly customizable. So, if you want to limit your patients’ extension of booking, you can do so.

  14. How can I view my bookings?

  15. Ans – You will be provided with MedEngage® Appointment Portal where you can view and review the booked appointment.

  16. Can I accept payments like consultation fee online?

  17. Ans – Yes, you can accept online payments from various payment methods for bookings made through MedEngage® appointment.

  18. Can my staff (eg. practitioners and receptionists) view all bookings?

  19. Ans – Staff responsible for managing the booking will be given the login id to view, access, edit bookings in MedEngage® Appointment Portal. View, access and edit powers can be restrained according to your needs.

  20. Does MedEngage® Appointment support languages other than English?

  21. Ans – MedEngage® Appointment is available in 10 regional languages other than English.

  22. Where is the data stored? Is my data secure?

  23. Ans – Your data will be stored in the Cloud. Don’t worry your data is 100% secured with MedEngage®.

MedEngage® Appointment Features

24/7 booking:

Hospital is a non-stop caregiver. So, MedEngage® Appointment is at your patient’s service 24/7 helping your patients to book appointments at your hospital for themselves or someone else, at any day-any time, from any device across the globe.

Ease of booking by doctors, department or symptoms:

The patients can book an appointment by choosing a doctor who they want to consult or by the department if they are familiar with the hospital. MedEngage® Appointment also helps patients in booking the right consultation by just entering their symptoms.

Booking on behalf of someone:

With MedEngage® Appointment your patients can book an appointment for their whole family easily by providing the necessary details of the person for whom they are booking the appointment.

Requesting a call from the hospital:

We know that your employees are always ready to help the patients. That’s why MedEngage® Appointment gives your patients the option to call and talk to your hospital’s receptionist to clarify any confusion with just one click.

Ease of appointment for both hospitals & patients :

Streamline your appointment process with MedEngage® Appointment. Allow your patients to choose their preferred timing and confirm their appointment instantaneously.

Appointment booking in multiple languages:

We know you receive patients from across the country and abroad. Give your patients the opportunity and the ease of understanding and booking in their language with Medengage® Appointment. MedEngage® Appointment is available in 10 different languages including, Hindi and English.