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Our Patient Feedback Products

Single Patient Experience Platform for All Your Needs

MedEngage® Feedback
Real Time Patient Feedback with Ticketing System
MedEngage® Feedback Plus
On- Call Feedback with Our In-house Nurses

Use MedEngage® patient feedback system to get insight into what is working and what needs to be improved in your hospital.

Our MedEngage® Feedback is an intelligent way to gather and analyse patient feedback in real-time. Get complete feedback from your patients, anytime, anywhere and in any language.

“Our system helps maintain the NABH requirements regarding attending and resolving patient complaints and grievance redressal.”

MedEngage® Feedback  is highly customisable and is designed keeping your practice in mind:

MedEngage® Feedback Plus

You can also use our premium Feedback Plus services to collect feedback and engage your patients when they are at home. MedEngage® Feedback plus services are provided by our trained nurses who call your patient on your behalf and collect a completely personalized feedback post consultation and discharge. All grievances are taken in detail and submitted to relevant departments for redressal.

For patients

Ease of use with one click
Easy to understand text in multiple language
Timely notification to the patient via SMS, E-mail

For hospitals

Real time analytics dashboard
Automated multilevel escalation as per hospital policy
Intelligent Department based QR Code integration

* All the features are highly customisable as per hospital’s need

How MedEngage® Feedback Management work

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