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Structured Patient Data as patient health record (PHR) having

Healtho5 solutions offer technology empowered MedEngage® ™ to engage your patients through calls, SMS, and customizable mobile apps. Intelligent MedEngage® ™ platform with deep analysis capabilities is a one-stop solution for your calling staff.

MedEngage® ™ is an intelligent technology platform for storing and analyzing patient data. The structured patient data and medical data is codified and stored in SNOMED/ LOINC as per international standards.

Few components of MedEngage® ™ are:

Structured Patient Data as patient health record (PHR) having,

Protocol Driven Patient Engagement Engine

Hospitals can use our predefined protocol or create customized protocol based on multiple parameters (e.g, disease, treatment, duration etc.) and apply to patients as per need. According to protocol, our software team will create forms for patient engagement and data collection over time. This long term engagement of patients will ensure better health outcome by increasing treatment adherence.

Calling Engine

A transparent system where individual patients calls by your nurses are logged and recorded. Hospital administrator/ QA team can always access and know the details of the conversation.

Clinical Intelligence Engine

Highly customizable reporting engine where the set of rules can be created to analyze for meaningful clinical findings. Doctors/ researchers can access and analyze highly structured patient data in different dimensions. The findings help hospitals by keeping them ahead of their competitors in terms of patient health trends and outcome.

Predictive Engine

MedEngage® ™ Engine is based on predictive learning mechanism which adapt and learns from patient data over time. For eg, if the system identifies that men above 65 years are not taking medication on time. Subsequent calling by our nurses will have highlighted suggestions in the system on the importance of timely medication during patient engagement call.

Analytical Dashboard:

Apart from clinical intelligence report, we offer analytical dashboard providing performance insight to the hospital administrator. For example, engagement trends, patient analytics, call trends, effectiveness of program etc.

Easy API & Excel Integrations:

We support bidirectional API integration where our APIs can take data from the hospitals. We disclose APIs under strict Business Associate Agreement consent for clients and their vendors. If hospitals don’t have any system, they can simply upload an excel sheet with patient data into the MedEngage® ™.

Security & Privacy:

Our system is based on EHR standards as per GOI (government of India) and HIPAA-USA protecting patient information. Stringent security protocols and policies are implemented to ensure data security and privacy. We strictly follow contract and will not share any identifiable patient data without the consent of the patient or the hospital.


Our “pay-per-use” model don’t involve any installation or down payment charges. We charge for the exact number of patients we engage each month. The pricing also is highly dynamic and varies based on the protocol we define.