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Disease-specific follow-up

Chronic diseases require long-term monitoring and continuous support for better health outcome. The chronic disease follow-up is specific to the condition and monitors definite signs and symptoms.

There is no one fit solution and hence we present our customizable intelligent MedEngage™ platform to help you in monitoring and recording patient-reported outcome on phone.

“Follow-up made as easy as a click of a button.”

Pre- and Post- Surgery Follow-up

Undergoing surgery is a difficult and scary thought for the patient and his family. They need constant support, guidance and hand-holding throughout the care and and after that too. Patients often feel anxious and seek emotional support during this time. Also, there are specific precautions that needed to be followed pre- and post- surgery.

We provide our intelligent MedEngage™ platform for on-call follow-up before and after surgeries like cardiac surgery, knee replacement surgery, cataract surgery.

“Never lose out on patients due to lack of follow-up ability.”

Lead Generation

With affordable technological innovations of broadband and internet, people are searching more and more on sites such as Facebook and Google to find appropriate health services for them and their families and hospitals are missing out on this great opportunity due to limited time and lack of expert resources.

Digital presence only does not guarantee lead generation. It is the expertise in digital marketing and continuous effort to provide high ranking in google searches.

Healtho5 solutions provide marketing solutions like, SMS, WhatsApp Business, customized Facebook page and Google ads and mass email- campaign with an aim of creating awareness about your ongoing and upcoming services.

“We are here to empower your marketing efforts so that you only worry about patient care “

Lead conversion

Organising camps is one of the best ways to create awareness about your hospital. Majority of hospital spend considerable time and efforts to organize successful camps with an aim to increase footfall. Unfortunately, most of the time their efforts lack proper follow-up resulting in loss of prospective customers.

We understand how important your patients are for you, that’s why we provide multiple follow-up solutions ranging from simple SMS to phone call reminders for camp attendees and first-time visitors to the hospital, building long-term trust and loyalty with patients.

“We are here to follow-up your patients so that you can do what you do best- care for your patient”