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What Is Patient Engagement in Healthcare And Why Is It Important?

13 Jul 2018 | by Dr. Surabhi Bhati


This post is an attempt to clear your understanding of what patient engagement is and why is it very important in present healthcare scenario

Patient engagement is a buzzword used by every healthcare provider but everybody has a different understanding of it and if you are wondering what patient engagement really means and how is it important for your organization?

You are in the right place

Patient engagement is used to describe everything that connects the patient to the healthcare providers be it the health apps, web portals, social media post, down to wearables tracking vitals so that patients can understand what is going on with their health


But the next question that comes to mind is, do connecting patients with providers will solve the real problem or do we have to go a step ahead?

The answer to this is YES, we have to do a lot more and we have to start it quick.

Patient engagement, in reality, is much more than what we explained earlier--it is the continuous two-way communication between patient and his/her physician, ideally throughout the patient’s life, to not only makes patient informed about their health condition but also to guide them towards healthy living.

We have to help patients take charge of their health by actively engaging them in healthy behaviour via providing disease-specific information through various, coordinated channels and activities, getting feedback on their understanding of disease management and monitoring the patient health throughout the care plan.

Patient-centered communication keeps the patient's informed and help increase shared decision making with their healthcare provider.

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About the Author: Dr Surabhi Bhati is Marketing Manager at Healtho5 Solutions. She has a medical degree with an MBA in Health Information Technology (HIT). She is passionate about healthcare innovation, writing, and online marketing.